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Energy Audit Services

EMCE’s comprehensive Energy Audit helps commercial clients identify opportunities for reducing energy costs and improving Operations efficiency. We work closely with clients to ensure alignment between their objectives and the audit design. While improvements in technology and the availability of new options for energy supply present opportunities for reducing the energy bill, EMCE leverages its expertise in optimizing Operations to help clients more fully comprehend their energy consumption profile in a manner that facilitates optimum supply choices and operating practices.

Service Scope & Components

1.  Key Personnel Interview

Interviews with key personnel to:

  • Determine project and business objectives
  • Document any special problems or concerns
  • Identify and prioritize ‘special attention’ processes or areas
2.  Facility Documentation and Assessment
  • Documentation of physical space and topology (facility architectural assessment)
  • Assessment of all major equipment including vintage, specifications, fuel use and performance, and rating
  • Heating and cooling requirements
  • Fuels used (electricity, gas, oil, steam, etc.)
  • Lighting fixtures
3.  Operations Review
  • Nature of Operations
  • Current operating practices (including SOP’s, etc.)
  • Historical energy consumption (3- to 5-yrs of data)
  • Production & energy relationship (energy intensity of production)
  • Energy & Quality relationships
  • Planned production or process modifications
4.  Energy Bill Analysis
  • Review and analysis of 3- to 5-years of energy bills
  • Determination of optimal energy products (or pricing arrangements, tariffs, etc.) for client’s Operations

The Audit Report

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Physical Facility & Equipment Report
  • Facility rating
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Potential savings
  1. Operations Report
  • Assessment and rating
  • Recommendations for optimizing performance
  • SOP improvements
  • Load shifting
  • Other measures
  • Potential savings
  1. The Energy Bill
  • Assessment and rating
  • Recommendations
  • Potential savings


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