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Electric Power Advisory Service

EMCE’s customized Electricity Consulting Service provides an independent, rigorous, and timely insight of the Electric Power Marketplace as it evolves and is being shaped by the forces of deregulation. We employ leading-edge analytics, and a comprehensive and updated fundamentals database, to help our clients evaluate opportunities, plan strategy, and anticipate the dynamics of price, supply, and demand in this rapidly evolving market. EMCE helps clients prepare for and succeed in a competitive electricity market, by assisting with the design of innovative product offerings. We tailor our services to our clients’ specific business needs.

Service Scope & Components

Energy Product Design

  • Designing innovative product offerings for electricity or combination electricity-fossil fuel markets
  • Evaluate terms and economic viability of products for specific customers

Electricity Market Price Forecast

  • Price forecast for specific markets (e.g., PJM, Palo Verde, etc.)
  • Monthly updateable
  • Aid to power marketers and others

Electricity Price Risk Management

  • Volatility assessment
  • Use of derivatives (options, futures, SWAPS) for risk management
  • Use of cross-commodity hedges

Electricity Market Assessment

  • Quantitative fundamental analysis of specific markets
  • Fuel market dynamics, i.e., supply and availability, inter-fuel competition, and outlook
  • Electricity supply and demand fundamentals, including expected generation growth and type, status of adjacent regions, and any regulatory impact
  • Economic growth drivers
  • Weather drivers

Cross-commodity Synergy Assessment & Development

  • Cross-commodity deals
  • Profiting from the spark spread
  • Project opportunities

Client-designated Special Projects

  • Addressing asset or market-specific client issues
  • Pertaining to electricity, natural gas and/ or natural gas liquids



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